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baby fat is less than 20 poundsany more than that is, um, not bncsyeboadly you are breast feeding, that takes 600 calories extra a day, keep it up and the stuff should melt, finally exercise, make him buy you a running stroller, and if he is being a buthole, a very nice one, and then you as a family take a walk, and that includes him, secondly make fun of his baby fat, cause he gained too during your pregnancy unless he is a exercise freak. Make it a family thing.And yes you can DIET, you seem to think dieting is all CRASH dieting, which NEVER WORK, rather you need to eat sensibly, and should be as you are breast feeding.

Ron Shewchuk

I'm very sorry you had such a bad experience. I'm not in a position to judge Wal-Mart's employment practices, which I know have come under a lot of criticism. My blog posting was more about how they are communicating with their managers. Any company as big as Wal-Mart is bound to have some jerks working for it along with lots of good people just trying to make a living and do the right thing. I hope you end up finding a better job with better bosses.

E.J Adams

i was employed with walmart for over a year, i was termenated for taking to long of a break i never took, being assit protection, i never clocked out, and i know i was not in the break area. when i told the pers manager i could prove it, she said doesnt matter your terinated and that WONT ever be reversed. i asked her to please check the truck gate tcr and inbound sheets.. she said they did and found not one paper fpor that day, i said check the computer log on. she said well we did and you were never signed on. i was so set up, it was bad enough getting fired, but to be made to suffer the misconduct charge and denied unemployment to was very hurtful. i could have proved i was in the truck gate, but like the pers man said she doesnt care and the term stands no matter what! i thought i had a great job, with great people. but now i feel like the hype about family and going out of the way to make an asso succussful, well it must just be a lot of hype, or maybe they only ment the people they feel are worthery. as of today, i am out of money, food, gas, and rent. i gave a 101% working for wal-mart, and in the end, i wasent even worth the 240 a week unemployment. now when i see a walmart sc i dont think about the pride i felt working there, i can only think about wishing i had a dollar to buy sopme food.

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