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Im thankful for the article.Really thank you! Great.


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Wednesday 14th the snow is excellent and the trlais are like velvet.Did Kane, Ravine and Hill's Homestead today beautiful skiing all the way. About 3-4 cm of fresh powdery snow on the nicely groomed trlais. Could not be better. Sadly most people seem to have put away their skis I think I was the only one out there today. It should remain good for many days to come if the colder weather holds. It was about -5C today and a bit of a chilly breeze at times.


Skiing couldn't have been beettr than today winter wonderland with the 1-3 inches of new snow on the trails and temp. at -8C in mid-morning and -4C in the afternoon in brilliant sunshine. We skied a 12.5 km loop from P6 on Aspen to P5 then up Over Easy to Gulch and Panorama Shelter and down Harmon. Sometimes Harmon can be a tricky trail too long and slow if its sticky and too fast if it's crusty, but today it was a smooth, fast straight-run all the way in the powder. Aspen and Kane have just a bit of new snow and you can feel the crunch under foot, but higher up, the groomed trails are softer with fluffy powder on top. Just great!


Maria, Thank you for taking the time to write this post. As of late, I have cheson to not participate in a lot of the social media and tech related events, for a few reasons. Mainly, I've limited myself to Broward-only events since I no longer live and work in Miami. The events in Fort Lauderdale have unfortunately not fit my schedule or interest as of late.While I had not participated in this year's Social Media Day, I was a bit astounded when a colleague of mine who is a social media startup CEO who is new to the area attended the Sugarcane event after I gave it my blessing and he came back to tell me how alcohol-focused the South Florida social scene was. He had been there to get a feel for what our community was like (which would ultimately help him in his fancy business decision making). My reply was "Really? You gotta go to one of the regular events to get a better feel for it. TRUST ME. THERE ARE PEOPLE WORTH KNOWING HERE." Anyway, I had stumbled onto the drama after hearing his reaction and watching it explode online after Carlos posted to MB411. I hadn't taken the time to really figure out what went down and I simply wrote it off ...It's kind of funny because I'm not sure if you're familiar with how I first became involved with our local social community. It was after a similarly bad fist experience, attending a Refresh Miami event where @alexdc specifically was calling out the traditional media organizations, which I worked for, for not covering them enough. Ultimately, it left a sour taste in my mouth and I took my reaction to the comments thread which exploded nastily. I was persistent that I wasn't going to let the harping and complaining stop me, and my voice was heard. Sorry for the rambling ... Anyway, back to the case at hand: Maria, you are ultimately the South Florida's best asset when it comes to social media. I don't generally like blowing smoke up someone's ass, but you've proven to be a relentless champion for our community, an unwavering voice helping to get out the word to the non-techies about what we're doing here, and you've done it all with your own style and flare. All while remaining unbiased, a challenge that no one else has been up to. We owe you a lot, Maria. Thank you so much.


Wow, what a nice infograph! Very etnernainitg, it is really funny. That shows how social networking sites make the people of the world go round. I love thw way you simplify it and you write very well. Thanks for sharing this wonderful infograph I'm impress actually.Alexa Brooks recently posted..


Thanks for the great show, Becky! You are so right getting settard with social media is just like getting settard with anything that you want to do. Thinking you want to do it and knowing you could benefit by doing it, don't move you forward. The only thing that moves you towards your goals, is getting settard! Today!


First of all, thank you Mr, Ghassan for the wonderful assay and great, new, and ciaterve oriented idea, and as i understood from your meaningful words that Social Entrepreneurship is more of an Idea than actual application with rules and headlines.what I ment is that this concept can be applicable in all, and i mean ALL ways of social, commercial, public, & private.Thank you again Sir for your inspiring words and continuing effort to set an example for all of us.


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Ron Shewchuk

Excellent clip, Mike. Thanks for sharing it. Wise advice from Mr. Owyang.

Ron Shewchuk

Re: [For Your Approval] Mike McCready submitted a comment to "Social media have a role to play in the workplace"

Hi Mike. Thanks for joining the conversation!


Mike McCready

I completely agree with you Ron. I did try to introduce an internal social network called Yammer, but there wasn't high adoption. Where I work social media is being adopted quite well for external communications, but it is a bit slower for internal use - but it is getting better.

A great video your readers might like to see is from Jeremiah Owyang where he talks about social media and employees. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7UQVkdYSag.

Ron Shewchuk

Re: [For Your Approval] Joey Biber submitted a comment to "Social media have a role to play in the workplace"

Thanks for joining the conversation, Joey!

Joey Biber

For me, it is okay to add social media in your workplace as long as it doesn't interfere with your duties inside the office. Social networking can be useful in a company today, because they can promote their products and services also by advertising into these networking sites. Social networking development tools are used, so that they may be able to deliver their messages to the users efficiently and effectively, too.

Ron Shewchuk

Thanks for your comment, John. The format of the op-ed made it difficult to reference case studies, but there are lots of them - The Royal Bank, Best Buy, Dell, British Telecom, TELUS to name a few who have embraced the new technology and applied it to measurably improve retention, increase collaboration, drive new product development, and more.

John Carraway

It would have been better if you would have mentioned how some companies are using social media internally successfully. I know quite a few that have tried with very limited success. Who are the early adopters that have the metrics to show that social media is working internally?

Ron Shewchuk

I like the idea of tracking one's own digital tatoo, Sijia. We all need to be aware of how big, and how permanent, our personal online tatoo is and what we can do to protect our information. What was your argument about?

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