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Heukcva good job. I sure appreciate it.

Ron Shewchuk

Thanks for checking in , Brett. At this point, you are the groundswell. Maybe someday I'll do something with this, but for now it will remain an interesting thought experiment. I must say I do like the blog idea. Just don't have time to pursue it right now.

Brett Tremblay


Any news on the future of this magazine?


Ron Shewchuk

Thanks to adding to the groundswell, Brett. It's building....

Brett Tremblay


Go for it. I've used the kingmaker line a few times in my career and I can surely see myself as a subscriber to anything that speaks to that side of my work life.

Ron Shewchuk

Kelly, I appreciate your enthusiasm. Let's see if this posting generates any heat. At the very least I'll create a new category within this blog and we can see how far this string will lead us. And you're right -- much better to get quick feedback than to have to wait for a magazine to come out.


I agree with Craig - this is a brilliant idea for a magazine, but it would work just as well with a blog. That way you can engage those readers who are dealing with a similar situation when they really need/want the input - not three months afterwards when it's not the most pressing thing on their plate.

Ron Shewchuk

I appreciate that thought, Craig. If I sense there's a huge amount of interest in a "Handler" blog I suppose I could launch one.

On the other hand, maybe I'll be satisfied if my blog posting about Handler magazine gets a few chuckles and stimulates some conversation.

Craig Jolley


Why do you need a publisher? What you laid out seems to be a great outline for "The Handler" blog.

It could be set up along the lines of IABC's Communications Commons with each department corresponding to a different blog section under the direction of your different content providers.

It might not have the early commercial opportunity as a dead tree publication but, OTOH, it's something that you could get launched with a minimum of expense. I can also envision a companion Podcast series with interviews of your content providers, answers to audience questions.

For example, your audience could submit questions to "Ask the Puppetmaster" and, if your expert feared having his/her voice recognized, they could send you their answer with you could articulate.

Just a thought while I toil away in the office on a Sunday morning.

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