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You've relaly captured all the essentials in this subject area, haven't you?


Sorry but,


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Here in Germany they even want to make laws against Google, motlsy because some politicians and members of the media can't state often enough how evil they think Google is. Google's overall reputation in terms of user data protection is less than ideal.I really like Google products, and want you guys to continue with your awesome work. However, you kinda shot yourself in the foot with Street View, at least over here. Try being less intrusive and it will serve you well.


I'm with the other two commenters. Value statements are only useful if they are a description of the actual, existing values of the employee base. Not if they describe some ideal that the execs WISH the employees would value. Nothing wrong with having goals, but that's a mission, not a value statement. If you write a false description of status quo, you just lose the trust of your employees - they can see right through it.


For me to identify with the gobbly-gook jargon that is the Company Mantra Value, I need to see how it is embodied in the CEO, leaders, and employees. I want to be able to randomly select employees and ask them "what value did you embody in your work day today?" and watch them be able to answer it flawlessly. I wish values were less of a corporate exercise and more of a movement to excellence.


What great questions! I think there is merit in values statements, but only if the values are documented as a result of work with employees. It's not something that VP's create while on a round of golf, or even in the board room.
For the values to be real and credible there has to be a process that shows that the wording comes from the people who really live those values today - the employees. They can't be aspirational values either. They have to be real and right now.

And what's our role? To help HR do that work documenting the values and then most importantly presenting it back to the organization in a credible way that further fosters ownership of these values. By this I mean subtly, interactively and without varnish.

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