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Ron Shewchuk

That's a pretty good dream, Kathleen. It's rare, if not completely unheard of, to see rewards for managers based on their ability to communicate effectively. Yes, it's usually on the long list of "deliverables" or is mentioned amongst the KPAs or Key Performance Objectives, but it's usually only a line item -- paying lip service to the concept but without really doing something like making 1/3 or even 1/2 of a manager's bonus contingent on their ability to communicate.

Why is this?

Dr. Kathleen Miller

As long as we are dreaming -- what about rewarding managers for communicating more frequently and more effectively with their employees?

Ron Shewchuk


Markus Pirchner

Not to forget CBO (Chief Blogging Officer) ;-)

Ron Shewchuk

Ha! More like I'm way too busy and therefore I'm procrastinating by posting to my blog.

Rick McCharles

You are on a roll.

Three blog posts in two days. Must be getting things tidied up before your BIRTHDAY December 23rd.


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