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We met Ron at the Jefferson County fair today. Real life impression mrrrois Ron's video. A businessman, family man, man of principles, and values,etc. Keep going Ron with the positive message of moving forward to stop the insanity. Thank you for wanting to take WI back for the people and giving us the honest representation we want.


>Put me down for loud and proud. Sometimes, the hardest thing for corcunimatoms to do it seems is to shoot straight to folks at the head of the table.As one who's sat at various positions, I'd prefer straight shooting and the heads that think otherwise, probably shouldn't be sitting there.


Couple of questions Ron. What is your stacne on legalizing marijuana, same sex marriages, 28th Amendment, and holding police and other law enforcement individuals to account for their involvement in acts and others when they mistakenly use force against innocent individuals? Need these questions answered befiore I( commit any funds to your campaign.


Unfortunately, running for ofifce costs a lot of money these days. If we don't want the special interests to dictate government policy we must be willing to contribute ourselves. I know the phone calls can be annoying: I've actually been on the other end in the past. However, if we do not effect a change and elect candidates like Ron, what we will get will be more than simply annoying.


Yeah, but a HUGE front page + cont splash in local paper in 92, the FBI and hi polrife state attorneys to be filing embezzlement charges against local ambulance workers for being paid. The FBI and attorneys knew very well that most 503(c) orgs (like hospitals) pay workers. Smell a rat? The paper didn't report that gas had been drained or battery cables cut on the amb. I got no answer from the AG, insisting a murder was planned. 5 days later, two children bled to death, no ambulance. News.


TO: Ron Johnson candidate for US SenateIf eletced will you promise to immediatel;y push to rescind the many failed FREE TRADE agreements which have eliminated millions of living wage job opportunities for lower educated white and minority workers in America, and in Wisconsin especially in the Milwaukee, Racine/Kenosha and Beloit/Janesville regions and restructure the corproate income tax laws with incentives for creating jobs & penalties for eliminating jobs?There is no better way to end this recession than to put Americans back to work!The JOBLESS Recovery Strategy pursued by the Obama regime is not working. His plan for America to accept HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT for a long long time' is unacceptable.

Ron Shewchuk

Thanks, Cassandra. I can see why you love Australia. It was fun meeting you and keep in touch as your career progresses. And, yes, next time there will be barbecue!

Cassandra Withey

Hey Ron,

It was great to meet a fellow Canadian as dynamic as you! I had a great time listening to your talk at Deakin and I took away a few things that I know will stick with me when I pursue a career in the communications field. Too bad us students won't get a chance to taste your BBQ skills. I guess that just means that you'll have to take another trip to Australia to have a cook-off. (hehe) Enjoy the conference and say hi to Canada for me. :)

Ron Shewchuk

Hi, Emily. Thanks for your note. I'm SO looking forward to coming to your beautiful country and meeting your fellow students. See you soon!

Emily Arnold

Hi Ron, my name is Emily and im in Ross Monaghans PR writing and tactics class at Deakin Uni. It will be great to have you speak to our class when you come to Australia and we are really looking forward to it. I am reading your book at the moment and finding it really helpful- so thankyou! See you in australia!

Ron Shewchuk

I can hardly wait -- and the cool thing is I also get to cook!

David Murray

Ron, you'll have a ball. I still smile whenever I think of my trip there. It was so heavenly I almost felt guilty turning in the expense report.

Lee Hopkins

I'll bring photos... {grin}

Ron Shewchuk

Yes, sadly I won't be able to make it to the beautiful Adelaide hills. They'll have to remain in my imagination for now.

Lee Hopkins

G'day Ron!

I'll have to check the diary and see if we can't meet up in Melb or Syd - it would be FANTASTIC to catch up!

Ron Shewchuk

Cool! I look forward to seeing you, Alex. And, yes, I've heard that Australians truly know how and where to eat. I can hardly wait.

Alex Manchester

HI Ron,

Great to hear you're coming over here, I will likely see you at the IABC lunch session in Sydney. I spoke at one myself recently and there were some great discussions and conversations over the course of the afternoon.

Aslo, you're spoilt for choice on where to eat in either city, Australians know how to do good food and there's lots of choice.

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