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Ron Shewchuk

What a great insight, Kristen! It may very well be that this new generation will foster better communication because they're in a position to demand it. I always talk about communicators being apologists for those who don't have a voice; what you're suggesting is that Gen Y will have a pretty loud voice that could break down barriers and lead to better communication. It's up to us to make sure we listen to it.


This is great news for those of us who, like me, have at least another 20 years of work life ahead of them. I figure us "X's" can benefit from the new environment the "Y's" are creating in the workplace, because I suspect that simply by accommodating their expectations, the overall approach to employee relations will improve for all, which is great.

As far as what I'm doing to communicate with this group, I am doing a lot more question-asking. This group of employees will happily tell you what they like/don't, want/don't, understand/don't etc. This is a dream for the communicator, because the past generations of employees (and I am generalizing here a bit) didn't tell you what worked and what didn't, even when you asked, so you had to guess a lot more than you do with the "Y's". It also makes convincing execs of the value of what you're suggesting, because you can easily get some stats on the employee's opinions and reactions.

Ron Shewchuk

I thought I'd give an interview a try. Glad you like it. She's very smart, and a good writer, too.

If this goes over well, I'll do more like it.

Rick McCharles

Great questions. Great answers.

Interviews? Is this the latest trend for FYA?

I like it.

She's quite right. Companies able and willing to change to meet the new demands of the best employees will eat the losers.

I like that too.

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