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Ron Shewchuk

Thanks for your comment, Liam. It's true, social media doesn't change the fundamental truths of internal communiciations, but it does challenge the status quo and puts way more power in the hands of individual employees. I'm just in the middle of reading "The World is Flat" -- three years later than everyone else -- and it will be very interesting to see how the construct of the big corporation ends of changing as a result of this so-called "Globalization 3.0." I love Roger, but in some ways he represents the status quo and his views are extremely conservative. I think the impact of this "flattening" of the earth is going to be bigger than most of us can imagine.

Liam FitzPatrick

I doubt if Roger is alone in his comments - there have been quite a few people on this side of the water asking if we're getting too carried away with the technology to see its limitations.

I'm of the school of thought that says all this social media stuff is highlighting things we all knew - that there is little control in comms. And it doesn't change some of the fundamental truths of IC - e.g it's still about people.

Managers looking for the better megaphone are going to be disappointed by this latest offering!


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