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Houses and cars are not very cheap and not everybody is able to buy it. Nevertheless, personal loans are created to support people in such kind of cases.

Ron Shewchuk

Hear hear, Harold! I agree. My article is approaching this from a fairly narrow angle. It is indeed incumbent upon communicators, especially senior communicators, to push executives harder than they do now. My sense is that external crises almost always trump internal issues and the most senior communicators inside big organizations mainly do external communications. But that's not an excuse, but rather a reason we should be working to change the status quo.

Harold Simons

Stand up and be heard.

Hi Ron...I enjoyed reading your nine tips on CEO communications. I think many of your points are undeniable, but you might also consider a version titled: "An Open Letter to Communicators."

I feel it's high time for communicators to be held accountable for convincing CEOs to stop all the "strategic synergy speak" and
communicate the truth in a language real people can understand.

If you hadn't heard, the research is in...employee engagement and effective communications results in better performance.

So why do so many communicators back down when the bull starts to fly?

I think because it's the hard road to take and it's not easy to change your behaviour whether your a CEO or a Communicator.

The only difference is we chose this profession and should be held to a higher standard.

If we wanted the easy road we should have chose something simple like accounting. :-)

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