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Ron Shewchuk

Kristen, it's already happening in Great Britain. Check out this post on myragantv.com: http://www.myragantv.com/video/?d=533
The only thing that might slow down the trend in North America is if the U.S. economy tanks, but even then employee communications people are going to be highly valued for their ability to help manage change.


Ron - I really, REALLY have my fingers crossed that your prediction #4 occurs as early as possible in the new year. Maybe I'll cross my toes too, just for insurance!

Ron Shewchuk

Hi, Les. Thanks for your post. I have found that Facebook is everywhere, to the point where it's kind of creepy. The other week I looked up a recipe on my favorite recipe search engine, Epicurious.com, and I shared it with someone via an e-mail link on the site. Soon after I hit the send button on the Epicurious site, a little window opened up saying that a notice about my action would be posted on my Facebook page, and, sure enough, minutes later it shows up on my profile page and in my news feed. Suddenly all my Facebook friends know I shared a recipe for beef short ribs. Pretty innocuous, but deeply disturbing at the same time. I didn't give permission to Facebook to give my information to Epicurious. Sheesh. What if the recipe I'd been looking for was for edible underwear?

So, I'm not surprised if Facebook has its privacy-invading nose deep into Linkedin. But I don't think there's any ownership connection -- they're rival social networks and there's been lots of speculation on the net about them, including this interesting post from the popular TechCrunch blog: http://www.techcrunch.com/2007/10/13/facebook-has-linkedin-in-the-crosshairs/

In any case, Facebook seems intent on tapping the business networking audience, and it will be interesting to see how it all pans out in '08.

Les Potter

Guru Ronnie, you are wise beyond your years. It must be reincarnation.

Regarding your prognostication on Linkedin, funny, but today I put in a status line on my Facebook page wondering who among my FB Friends were on Linkedin. A FB Friend responded, and when I wrote back with a link to Linkedin, Facebook automatically included a block of information on Linkedin with a URL. Are these two entities already, er, linked?

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