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they did, with captions, such as, "There! I put The Food Network ahead of ESPN on the TIVO preriotiis." "You are NOT dying your hair. I've been waiting YEARS for that sexy silver to come in!", etc. Every woman and man I've shown it to has laughed to the point of tears!].ANYWAY, I'm thinking about you, riddle: I'm not understanding your theological point is. In other words, what gospel do you think you believe and what gospel do you think Craig believes? It appears to me that lifechurch.tv is creating Christian community opportunities to watch, hear, and discuss The Word, to share resources in Jesus's name, to pool financial resources to assist the poor, and so forth. And there does seem to be an emphasis on creating local groupings to do all these things, as well. Another way of getting at what I'm trying to say: Jesus is real he is alive, in flesh but we don't ever experience him in the flesh is he unreal, as you say Craig is? The Spirit and the Father exist but don't have their own bodies for us to touch, but they interact with us, and are real. It seems to me that real , as Craig has used it way above, has to do with persons-who-communicate (which the Spirit and the Father are, though without bodies), and real means they accurately communicate what they think and feel and believe through both their words and their actions. Finally, I don't think that any person is the Gospel; rather, I think the Gospel is the fact that the Kingdom of God is here, and through Jesus everyone can both know how to live in it and actually live in it now and forever. Our assignment: To live that way (follow Jesus's commands), tell others the good news, and teach them to do the same. Perhaps Craig talking to us here and on lifechurch.tv is just the 21st-century equivalent of the word of mouth that led the hemorrhaging women, the blind man, the centurion, and others to believe Jesus was the Messiah before they acted on the belief by going to Jesus in the flesh and asking him for healing.


The next xbox system will be rleeased (most likely) late 2011 or 2012, i hear the ps4 will be alittle later like maybe 2013-2014 and the wii2 will be probably in 2012-2013. These system coming are going to blow everyone away, technology had gotten so much better since 2005. expect everything on it. There has been no official release date yet but these dates r most likely when they will come out. But even when these systems come out expect the 360, wii, and ps3 to be making games long after cause alot of people wont buy these (new) systems at first for how expensive they will be(cause of how much they have to offer)

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