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Your asnwer lifts the intelligence of the debate.


Thank you for the kind words glad you liked the articles and the \ 12 resoans.\ I do my best writing in airplanes, and on the long flight back it\'s a good thing it didn\'t come out as \ 42 resoans.\ You\'re very right about the value of small scale exercises. In the ADRA debriefing, we talked about the possibility of even smaller events, at the country office level, perhaps with 3 5 qualified augmentees joining local staff. One of the greatest needs is to involve local staff, since they will be in the center of the vortex when something happens in their country.When I meet NGO people in the field, three things are evident: (1) they don\'t have much formal IT training, (2) some of them are very good with the apps and software they need they are self taught, actually using the Help resources, and (3) if someone can show them, they\'ll learn fast. The easy explanation is that they are isolated and on the move a lot, and have no office support system like the folks in headquarters or the corporate world.


Your blog is great! Keep up the good work. I’ll keep checking back from time to time.Looking foarrwd to getting to know you, you have such a positive attitudenicholas granger ..


We're the same, I have that short-term memory my persofsor told me that the reason why I have that short-term memory is that I keep on making my own problems in my mind, thinking of irrelevant things and then my mind blows-out *boom* loss all memories


Sarah,Bravo! You captured it mlncifigentay! My new favorite new tag line for this fabulous culture we are all helping create called The Bowen Group is But unlike any conference, those meetings were accented with peals of laughter, relevant content, and eyes glued to the future as we developed personal and professional goals. I have my list and mini steps at hand!Kelli KirwanContent AnaylstThe Bowen Group

Ron Shewchuk

You're welcome, Tom. I look forward to my royalty checks!

Teambuilding in Cape Town

Hey Ron, this sounds fantastic. I'm working for a Teambuilding outfit based in Cape Town, where barbecues, or "braais" as we like to call them are ingrained in our national identity.

This is something definitely worth trying here. Thanks for the brainspark!

Ron Shewchuk

Angie, you're on me like the fog! It's so nice to be wanted. Maybe I'll do a class or workshop next spring, but right now my focus is on the corporate market because, for that kind of a gig, I can do it as part of my consulting role at Longview Communications, the firm I work for.

And, Joan, you have NO idea how much I want to visit your beautiful country, er, state. If you can find a big organization that wants to bring me up there for a teambuilding session, we can work a bear roast (or other such Alaska-style celebration) into my itinerary. That would be so cool.

Joan H.

I think you should bring this traveling show up to Alaska! When I was a kid we used to have a big neighborhood bear roast every 4th of July. An old geezer would drink and baste and turn the meat all night long, and then everybody in the neighborhood would gather for food, a softball game, music and dancing, and anything else anyone could think of. You should definitely plan to come show us a thing or two on the barbecue front! Maybe not so much an academy as a community event. I'll even find someone to take you salmon fishing, if you'd like.


Does this mean we will see you teaching some classes around the launch of the new book ?

I'd love to get you back out to the valley to show us a thing or three !

I will commit to dates as soon as you are ready. Sign me up !!

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