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I am one of many Athletes that BAH has supported over the years and I would like to thank you all for all that they do that keeps ligthing the Special Olympics Flame of Hope alive from all over the world.The world of Special Olympics needs your support. Without you, there is no hope for a better future.Time has come and the future is now.thanks to you all

William Smith

Hi Ron,

Pleasure meeting you at the IABC Toronto event on Employee Communications and Social Media. It was a great talk and I love observations three and four, very true.


William Smith

David Murray

Shewchuk, I love that photo of you speaking. You've never looked more guru-like. Get it on your Web site.


Ron - here is a cool story (I think) that relates to your observation #3.

Back in Februray, I did an interview with Steve Crescenzo for his web site, around how I was starting up an internal business blog.

Last week, I was forwarded a series of e-mails that had started in HR Communications, as they had found this interview and were commenting on my strategy, business plan, how I was using it, etc.

So, as you point out, this is a good opportunity for me to reach out to my colleagues and see if I can continue the conversation.

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