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I was reading that last night while I was upndaitg my blog and thought to myself that maybe he watched Kevin Aylward's performance on the debate and gave his head a shake.My riding of Cape St Francis had a Liberal candidate shoved into it yesterday too, when I checked to see who she was I found that she was the same candidate that ran against David Brazil in the by-election for CBE Bell Island. she is a Liberal staffer and I guess part of your job if you are a Liberal staffer is to stick your name on a ballot when ever needed ..What a Joke.


Kncoked my socks off with knowledge!


I think you are bang on -- from someone who came into the PR world from broadcasting, I see many situations in the corporate world where stories need to be told. And when it's done and done well, people (employees, investors, stakeholders) feel connected - big surprise!
These are exciting times.

Ron Shewchuk

Ha! I think there's lots of room in the job market for someone with your talent, Kristen.

Thanks for your comment. I agree with you - experienced journalists have lots of skills (and attitudes) that can be of value to organizations. Sometimes I have a problem with senior reporters being hired into senior PR positions because they often don't have the right background to do strategic communications. But great corporate journalism is something most companies need more of.


Ron! Could you dial it down a little! I'm job hunting at the moment and frankly, I don't NEED the competition from the CBC reporters.


Seriously, I think you're right on this, and I also think the corporate world will also benefit from the "maverick spirit" (not to mention the capability to work effectively on shoestring budgets) that many reporters would likely bring to the party.

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