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I think women are more protective by nartue, you know the mother-bear syndrome. Mostly, women have had to claw their way to where they are and yes are threatened by younger women. Seriously what woman doesn't size up another woman in any social or work situation? It's the threat of losing our man our provider our position etcetera. My mother was a guard and counselor in the state prison system and she always preferred to work the men's side because women were always horrible. I think the prison environment is a petri dish of the real world.


I've had both male and female boesss over the years and would say that the male boesss were, by far and away, the easier of the two to work for. But, and its a very big but, as I worked my way through my career and particularly now as I'm setting up my own business, whenever I need to draw on experience and guidance the two I always look to are my old female boesss. Both could be terrifyingly ferocious at times (and, yes, emotional), but their passion, strength, tenacity and attention to the minutest detail leave my old male boesss in the shade. Both women pushed me to achieve far more than I ever thought I could through their refusal to accept any work from me that didn't reach the perfection to which they both strived. I owe an awful lot to these two women (even though it may not have seemed it at the time!) and, for this reason, I would steer away from the easy option and choose a female boss over a male any time.

Ron Shewchuk

Thanks Les. I'm glad outfits like Gallup are out there reminding us to pay attention!

Les Potter

Great post Ron. I can use this in class. Excellent points one and all. Too bad many org comm people forget your wisdom here.

Ron Shewchuk

Thanks Susan for the positive feedback and the good advice. Many internal communicators today are trapped in a ritual of dealing with whatever is going to happen next. Instead of (or in addition to) responding to the next crisis or hard deadline, we should be looking beyond what's urgent to what's important.


Send them this post. ;)

Seriously, this is a great reminder. And it works when we remind management to keep communicating. Example: don't wait for Q2 results to come out. Work with a business leader to provide an update on your specific business climate and where the business stands in achieving its objectives. This allows focus. Quarterly results messages try to cram too much into one e-mail.

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